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Reshaping the body from the inside, out!

Reshaping the body from the inside, out!

Helping people build a resilient

& optimized metabolism.

Talking about weight-loss the way it needs to be understood... as a lifestyle, not a 12 week challenge.

"Fitness and health go hand-in-hand."

There are fun ways to sweat!

A You Tube channel dedicated to fitness lifestyles and active living communities.

Are you looking for a channel that has great information on things that really matter?

  • Especially while living a healthy, active, fitness lifestyle!
  • Focus on what makes a difference in your life.

Join us today as we build a network of videos and podcasts by some of most respected leaders in the fitness world as well as topics covering health and well-being.

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What We Offer

Mediterranean diet

Cycle Diet Strategy video series

Healthy Prep Food.

Food Preparation video series

Delicious Street Food

Recipe Ideas

Family fun

Life Out-Side

the Gym


Fitness Innervation

Start changing on the inside,

what you see on the outside.

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We, Pat Whalen & Rob Whalen, also known as, believe in Scott’s concepts, principles, and teachings and we wish to share our experiences and knowledge with you a nd the world.

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